Two New Perks Arriving In Warzone Season 5

The start of Warzone Season 5 is right around the corner and with just a few days until the next drop of content makes its way into the battle royale, Activision and Raven Software have detailed all of the new items in the Season 5 Roadmap. The usual additions of weapons and Operatorsare to be expected but the additions of two brand-new Perks have caught the attention of the community.

In previous Warzone patch notes, Raven Software has teased that new Perks were in the works in order to provide a counter to the Dead Silence field upgrade, and for Season 5, the Perks look to cause a change in the metagame.

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New Warzone Perks

Warzone Season 5 Key Art
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Warzone Season 5 Key Art

It's no secret that the Warzone Perk meta has been stale ever since the launch of the game back in March 2020, with many players using the same combination of Perks in order to build the best Warzone loadout.

The addition of Tempered and Combat Scout looks to spice up Perk selection in Season 5, providing players with even more variety when it comes to loadout selection.

Tempered Perk

Tempered is set to change how players utilise armour within Warzone. With the Perk equipped, players only have the option to equip two armour plates rather than three but each plate absorbs 75 points of damage rather than 50. The additional 25 from each plate could well be the difference between winning a gunfight or being sent to the Gulag.

The Perk will appear in the Perk 2 category, meaning players will have a tough decision to make thanks to Overkill and Ghost proving extremely useful options when attempting to dominate the streets of Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Combat Scout Perk

Warzone Mobile Communications Tower
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Warzone Mobile Communications Tower

Combat Scout has been designed to give players a small burst of additional information. By hitting an opponent in a gunfight, the player will be highlighted in bright orange for a brief period of time and automatically pings them, providing crucial intel to squadmates that might not be in the best position to engage.

The addition of Combat Scout could prove to be integral in squad-based game modes, making it much easier for players to launch a coordinated attack onto another squad that might be holding a specific area of the map.

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