How To Unlock John McClane In Warzone And Black Ops Cold War

The John McClane Operator is available with the Season 3 Reloaded update - this will be one of the biggest and most exciting mid-season updates to arrive for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

Featuring iconic maps, new weapons to unlock, and a new limited-time event, the second half of Season 3 looks to be just as jam-packed as the first, much to the excitement of the passionate player base.

Alongside the new maps and weapons, Activision has revealed that the theme of Season 3 Reloaded will be 80s action heroes, meaning two iconic characters will be making their way to Call of Duty as playable Operators.

One of them is John McClane, the main protagonist from the Die Hard franchise which first released in 1988.

Here's how to unlock the Operator in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

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How To Unlock John McClane In Black Ops Cold War

For Warzone and Cold War players, the process of unlocking John McClane is very easy and exactly the same.

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Simply head to the store and purchase the Tracer Pack: Die Hard Operator Bundle. This Bundle will be available on the 20th May 2021.

Once purchased, select the 'Operators' tab at the top of the menu to select McClane as your playable Operator.

The Bundle comes with Tracer rounds, a new watch, weapon charm and weapon blueprint.

It's likely that the bundle including John McClane will be one of the more expensive offerings within the store.

Based on the SAW and Texas Chainsaw Massacre bundles that released in 2020, expect the John McClane bundle to cost around 2400 COD Points when it releases.

This bundle is available until June 18th 2021 - so get it while you can.

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