Functioning Streamer Mode Arriving To Warzone

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As Warzone prepares to enter the second half of Season 3, developer Raven Software is continuing to collate a range of feedback on a number of elements within the battle royale. One element in particular that has often received plenty of criticism is the game's streamer mode.

In a bid to keep their in-game identity hidden in order to avoid being stream sniped, top content creators and even professional players use the mode to ensure they have the smoothest experience possible.

Due to a number of flaws within the system, opponents are still able to see their username, much to their annoyance.

Thankfully, Raven Software has begun asking some of Warzone's biggest streamers what improvements they want to see.

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Fixes To Warzone Streamer Mode

Popular Warzone streamer for NRG Esports, AverageJoeWo, reached out to the developer on May 13th, pleading for a fix to Warzone's "broken" streamer mode.

Raven Software was extremely fast to respond, asking the streamer what kind of improvements that players would like to see.

The Warzone developer has been praised by the community for its transparency surrounding a number of elements within the battle royale, including detailing decisions as to why it's making changes to a number of weapons to ensure some kind of balance is maintained.

The transparency has led to Warzone being in the best state it has been for some time.

With plenty of weapons at the top of the metagame alongside minimal bugs and exploits, players are enjoying a smooth gameplay experience on a regular basis.

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Warzone New Streamer Mode Release Date


Details as to when Raven Software's improvements to the existing streamer mode will be released have yet to be revealed.

Considering the developer is asking content creators what improvements they would like to see, it's likely that the improved streamer mode will go live in the not too distant future.

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