Operation Monarch Trick Allows Players to Refill Armour and Health

The Operation Monarch event is well underway as Warzone players drop onto Caldera for a chance to face off against Godzilla and Kong. While some brand the limited-time event as an underwhelming spectacle, others are enjoying the presence of two titans on the map.

With chances to harness the immense power of Godzilla and Kong through the Titan Frenzy event, players can earn plenty of rewards by completing a range of challenges.

Warzone players are always on the lookout for any potential advantages and some have found a crafty trick that refills health and armour much faster than normal.

Operation Monarch Health and Armour Trick

While Godzilla and Kong don't fight each other, you can shoot at them at various points of an Operation Monarch match. Regenerating health and reapplying armour can take a while when under fire from the opposition but Reddit user 'Similar-Arugula-7854' shares an ingenious technique to regain health and armour in the blink of an eye.

While several enemies surround the player, their health drops to minimal levels and as it looks like there's no chance of survival, the player opens fire on Godzilla to earn a full bar of health and armour.

It appears the trick works during the Titan Frenzy event where players can earn a S.C.R.E.A.M Device to deal devastating damage.

It's unclear if the ability to regenerate health and armour by shooting at Godzilla and Kong is intentional but it's hugely advantageous. So, if you find yourself running low on health, take aim, and fire at the behemoths for a quick boost.

If the monsters aren't nearby, you can collect Monarch Intel to earn some additional health during a match.

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