Warzone Hacker Claims Verdansk Is Full of Cheaters

Ever since Warzone was released, Activision and Raven Software have attempted to deal with hackers in various ways. While the developers are busy with the upcoming release of the new Caldera map set in the Pacific, hackers are continuing to run rampant on the streets of Verdansk.

Activision, in an attempt to combat the growing hackers, is planning to introduce the much-anticipated RICOCHET anti-cheat system along with the Warzone Season One. With a few weeks remaining before the anti-cheat launches, players are concerned with the growing number of hackers in Warzone, so much so that even cheaters are starting to complain!

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Warzone Cheater Annoyed With Cheaters

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One such Warzone player was captured talking about the hacking going on in Call of Duty’s popular battle royale title. While the community usually has such discussions from time to time, the point to note is that the player was having this discussion on a website that designs Warzone cheats.

Reddit user ‘tweeksdotcom’ published a now-deleted post to the conversation to the Warzone subreddit in an attempt to bring the issue to the surface. The player expressed their gratitude towards those creating cheats and even asked if they can develop a hack that tells who else is hacking in Warzone. “Going up against so many other hacks that take it way too far with aimbot, so it would be cool to get a heads up who’s looking,” the player said.

The question was promptly replied to by one of the website’s moderators probably. “We will look into this but also need to wait a bit for us to see what Vanguard and their anticheat brings to the table,” they said.

When Will RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Release?

RICOCHET's back-end features will be launching alongside the Pacific map. The kernel-level driver will arrive as part of the Warzone Pacific update taking place on December 3rd. For more Warzone Pacific intel, find all of the points of interest that will be appearing on the map.

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