New Warzone Glitch Prevents Aiming

Warzone is no stranger to bugs and glitches negatively impacting the hugely popular battle royale but the December 15th update seems to have created more issues rather than fixing existing problems, much to the annoyance of the community. As Season 1 continues to progress and Raven Software continues to make balancing changes influencing the meta, players seem to discover a new glitch on a daily basis.

This particular issue doesn't turn anyone invisible, but it does prevent anyone from aiming down their sights due to the noses of their Operators growing at an incredible rate. Far from ideal when attempting to score kills on Caldera.

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Warzone Pacific Giant Nose Glitch

Warzone Pacific Giant Nose Glitch
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In first-person shooters, being able to see is usually a key feature when it comes to dealing with the opposition but an unusually large nose sitting between the centre of your reticle can certainly hinder your levels of accuracy in the heat of battle. Reddit user 'AlpacaPowerrr' discovered the problem when attempting to aim down their sights.

As the clip shows, every time the player tries to zoom in, the huge nose obscures the view, much to their annoyance. While the visual bug is rather amusing, the player has stated that "it's impossible to play like this."

How To Fix Warzone's Giant Nose Glitch

Thankfully, there are a few workarounds for this hugely annoying bug. If the nose of your Operator is blocking your vision, simply reset Warzone a few times or switch to a different Operator. One player using a Black Ops Cold War Operator revealed that the problem vanished when switching to a Vanguard Operator.

Considering the severity of the problem, it's more than likely that Raven Software is working on a fix to prevent the issue from hindering matches for more players.

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