Raven Software Confirms Warzone Gas Mask Animation Change

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The animation for taking off and equipping a Gas Mask in Warzone is the cause of death for several players that drop into the battle royale. The annoying occurrence leads to players demanding changes and it appears Raven Software has listened ahead of Season 2.

Using a Gas Mask to protect against the circle collapse causes players to drop their weapons, leading to opponents eliminating them with ease.

In addition to armoured trucks and redeploy balloons, the Warzone developer has confirmed changes to the animation will prevent the animation hindering players.

Warzone Pacific Gas Mask Animation Change
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Warzone Gas Mask Animation Change

Alongside a wealth of bug fixes expected, the Gas Mask animation won't interrupt players that are aiming down sights as the gas moves past. This means players can maintain focus on their intended target without the fear of an uncontrollable animation ruining their match.

Players have requested this particular for several months as the animation affects the latter stages of matches thanks to the play area shrinking every few minutes.

When Does The Gas Mask Animation Change?

The change will take effect when the Season 2 update goes live on February 14. Until then, the annoying animation will continue so bear that in mind when moving close to the incoming gas. This is a hugely positive change introduced by Raven Software and if the developer addresses other issues impacting Warzone, Season 2 has the potential to be a huge success.

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