Warzone Players Request Change To Make Fortune's Keep "Perfect"

Image showing Warzone player wearing gold outfit
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone player wearing gold outfit
Credit: Activision

The arrival of the Fortune's Keep map has proven a hit with the Warzone community. Acting as an alternative to Caldera and Rebirth Island, the vibrant map is maintaining popularity with Season 4 Reloaded around the corner.

To improve Fortune's Keep even further, the July 7 update fixed various exploits including one that causes players to freeze on the spot.

In addition to the regular doses of bug fixes to ensure a smooth experience, Warzone players are suggesting the developer should make one subtle change to the map that could make it the perfect battleground for battle royale action.

Warzone Players Want One Change to Fortune's Keep

The lack of Buy Stations on Fortune's Keep is one issue that's proving particularly frustrating for those wanting to get their hands on game-changing Killstreaks.

However, the small number of stations means players often camp around them to catch any rotating players off-guard. After claiming "half the map has nothing," Reddit user 'DidntMeanToLoadThat' asks Raven Software if Fortune's Keep can "have more shops" rather than a lack of space.

It appears the strange spread of Buy Stations is ruining the flow of matches. After earning enough Cash to spend, one user says "the nearest buy is halfway across the map" which is far from ideal if the circle is closing in.

In order to rectify the problem, one frustrated player suggests the addition of "early buys." Instead of using a permanent fixture of the map, early buys enable players to spend their money at the earliest possible opportunity and "would stop excessive buy-backs."

With Raven Software open to community suggestions, there's always a chance the developer will improve the Buy Station spawn rate on Fortune's Keep in a future update. Until then, make sure to plan where you make purchases.

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