Warzone Freezing Glitch Ruining Fortune's Keep Matches

Image showing Warzone player firing minigun
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone player firing minigun
Credit: Activision

The arrival of Fortune's Keep as part of the Warzone Season 4 update is proving extremely popular with players looking for a smaller map to get their fix of battle royale action.

Resembling a small Mediterranean island, many are preferring it to the once-popular Rebirth Island. As attention begins to turn to the Season 4 Reloaded update, many members of the community are expressing their frustrations after encountering a range of game-breaking bugs and glitches.

One particular glitch is causing players to freeze in various areas of the map after they go prone to avoid any incoming gunfire.

Fortune's Keep Freezing Glitch Causing Chaos

Although the players that hit the deck do evade any incoming bullets from opposing players, they're unable to return to a standing position which is far from ideal.

Reddit user 'Gerbytron' shares a clip of the glitch that prevents them from scoring a win. During the final circle, the player takes cover from an airstrike but received a "prone blocked" message when attempting to stand up.

Despite a last-ditch effort to crawl out from behind the box, it became clear they couldn't manage to return to action and battle for the victory.

According to the comments, freezing when prone isn't an isolated issue. One commenter mentioned the same glitch happening "in the watchtower at Winery," suggesting the glitch affects several areas of the Fortune's Keep map.

With several players still stuck, it's likely Raven Software is already on the lookout for a fix to prevent players from getting stuck in the mud during matches. In the meantime, it's probably best to take cover inside a building rather than a piece of cover out in the open.

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