Warzone Fans Display Mixed Reactions Towards Teddy Bear Skins In Battle Pass

With the start of Season 6 for Warzone just around the corner, players are excited about the new Battle Pass. The 100 Tiers of brand-new content contains a set of skins that combine elements of Teddy bears, Pandas, and The Purge.

Warzone fans have always found themselves indulged in debates whenever something new is added to the battle royale. With the new Battle Pass coming out with a returning Alex Mason, new weapons, and more, players have displayed mixed reactions after seeing the trailer and screenshots of the new cosmetics.

There are three characters coming in the Battle Pass which are differently coloured tactical combatants wearing bear masks. Even though the skins haven't been released just yet, the thoughts of the community are split.

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Warzone Season 6 Teddy Bear Skin

Warzone Season 6 Teddy Bear Operator Skins
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The three Operator Skins were spotted within the trailer for the new Battle Pass alongside a huge range of content including new weapon blueprints and new Calling Cards. One of the skins is a black and white panda with “panda” written across his chest, while another one is blue, and the last one is red in colour.

Players were quick to react after seeing these skins. While some of them supported these skins, describing them as "pretty dope," others weren't so positive. "Teddy bear skins … what a joke, so Fortnite-ish," one Twitter user commented.

Players have always compared Warzone with other battle royale games such as Apex Legends and Fortnite and regularly asks Raven Software to implement features that have been mainstays in the aforementioned titles for several months. While some like the bright colours of the bears, many members of the community won't be giving the skins their seal of approval.

Season 6 releases on October 7th and it'll be interesting to see how players react to the panda trio after seeing them in-game for the first time For more Warzone intel, check out absolutely everything you need to know about the new Warzone Pacific map.

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