Dr Disrespect Details Why The Roze Skin Has Less Impact On Warzone's Controller Players

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Although popular content creator Dr Disrespect has expressed his frustrations with Season 3 of Warzone, branding Verdansk '84 as disappointing, the two-time video game champion of the world is never shy when it comes to expressing his opinions on a specific topic relating to the battle royale.

His latest theory surrounds controller players being able to deal with the synonymous Roze Operator skin easier than those on a mouse and keyboard.

Although Raven Software made significant changes to the visibility of the Roze skin alongside a number of lighting changes to Verdansk '84, the Doc claims that it is almost impossible to track players using the skin due to a lack of aim assist.


Is the two-time actually onto something?

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Aim Assist Helps Players Track Roze Skin

The Doc suggested the theory during the Atlanta FaZe $100K Gold Rush tournament where he and regular partner ZLaner were attempting to get their hands on the gold.

After the duo dropped into Superstore and eventually eliminated by a player using a Roze skin lurking in the shadows, the Doc stated that the opponent "disappeared on him."

Timestamp at 18.05

"I have no excuse other than I can't track a shadow that blends in with a shadow, I just can't on a mouse and keyboard," the two-time stated. "Maybe on a controller, let that aim assist kind of lock on for you and you just close your eyes... but mouse and keyboard, if I lose them, it's hard to recover."


The aim assist provided to controller players can certainly help players keep track of their opponents in the daylight and some of the darker areas of the map.

Does a controller possess a huge advantage over keyboard and mouse players in Warzone?

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Controller v Mouse & Keyboard

The debate whether a controller or mouse and keyboard is best to use in Warzone has been a topic of conversation for several months and this latest argument put forward by the Doc could well spark calls for some kind of adjustments made in order to level the playing field.

What do you think is the best way to play Warzone? Controller or mouse and keyboard? Let us know on Twitter!