Dr Disrespect Calls Verdansk '84 Map "Disappointing"

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As Season 3 of Warzone gets ever-closer to the mid-season update, popular content creator and two-time video game champion Dr Disrespect has expressed his opinions on the battle royale's reworked map set in 1984.

Never one afraid to hold back, the Doc branded the new map "disappointing" in comparison to the release of a brand-new Warzone map which the Doc felt that the game needed.

The streamer recently revealed that he would be taking a break from Warzone having called the game "bland."

While some fans were hoping that the streamer would make a u-turn on his decision to move away from Warzone, this latest tirade is looking like the violence, speed, and momentum could be departing from Verdansk for good.

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Dr Disrespect Unhappy With Verdansk '84

Dr Disrespect Calls Verdansk 84 Disappointing
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In a recent YouTube stream, the Doc revealed that he is desperately waiting for a brand-new AAA title to be released in order for him to move on from Warzone, which is certainly disappointing for the many members of the Champion's Club that enjoy his battle royale gameplay.

"Another year of Call of Duty: Warzone. Same f***king map," the Doc declared. "We needed a whole new designed map. The changes are cool, but we wanted a completely new map and new field. I think that was pretty disappointing," he added.

Prior to the trip back to 1984, it was rumoured that Warzone was heading to the Ural Mountains but due to a number of issues, the map was scrapped in favour of a reskin of Verdansk.

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What Next For The Doc?

Although the Doc appears to be persevering with Warzone for the time being, the two-time's frustrations with the battle royale are continuing to grow, which will ultimately lead him to switch to another game to showcase his high-octane gameplay.

Could he make a switch to Apex Legends which continues to thrive after the recent release of Season 9? Perhaps another dose of VALORANT is on the cards?

We will have to wait and see what the next move is for the streamer but if he does stop playing Warzone for good, it's a huge loss for the battle royale, but perhaps a huge gain for another title.

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