Dr Disrespect Calls For Changes To Warzone's Armour And Health

As Warzone prepares to enters Season 3 along with the addition of a brand-new iteration of Verdansk set in the 1980s, several players are beginning to suggest ideas to improve the incredibly popular battle royale.

Since Black Ops Cold War was integrated, there have been a variety of issues that have negatively impacted Warzone.

These issues include a huge imbalance in the weapon metagame, variations of the notorious infinite stim glitch, and most recently, the addition of the Sykov pistol which feature no recoil and maximum accuracy thanks to a new bug.

Popular content creator and two-time video game world champion, Dr Disrespect, rarely shies away from expressing his thoughts on the battle royale, and his latest suggestion could well be one that rectifies a number of Warzone's problems.

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Changes To Warzone Armour And Health

Dr Disrespect Changes To Warzone Armour And Health
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During his April 16th stream, the Doc got his first opportunity to test out the already infamous Akimbo Sykov pistols that are currently dominating the close-range metagame thanks to their deadly accuracy and incredibly fast rate of fire.

Just like many members of the Warzone community, the two-time was quick to deem the pistols as overpowered, adding that he felt like he was "playing a limited-time mode."

The content creator also suggested that developers should consider making changes to Warzone's armour and player health in order to counter the overpowered nature of many weapons in the Warzone arsenal.

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Should They Be Changed?

The Doc may have stumbled on an excellent idea in order to nerf the power of weapons without making any direct changes to the actual weapon statistics.

If players had the ability to equip five pieces of armour instead of three, the time to kill would increase significantly and combined with an increase in player health, it could be the much-needed dose of balance that players have been demanding since the first season of Black Ops Cold War integration.

Raven Software has already responded to a list of demands made by fellow content creator Jack "CouRage" Dunlop, and it should certainly consider the Doc's ideas too.

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