Player Wins Warzone Match Using Dance Mat

Image showing people playing a dance mat
Credit: Dalton Runberg / Polygon

Image showing people playing a dance mat
Credit: Dalton Runberg / Polygon

Scoring a victory in Warzone is an impressive achievement in itself. Whether you're using a controller or a mouse and keyboard, outlasting over 100 other players is a tricky task.

With Season 4 in its early stages and as players attempt to master the UGM-8 LMG, many are on the hunt for victories on the new Fortune's Keep map.

Despite some members of the Warzone community looking for the best controller settings to gain the upper hand, others are taking things a step further. Instead of using a more traditional control method, one player has scored a win using a dance mat.

Warzone Player Wins With Dance Mat

So far, we've seen players using all kinds of objects ranging from baguettes to a Guitar Hero controller to do battle on Caldera and Rebirth Island. In this instance, French content creator NianfoFR raised the stakes, using a dance mat to move, crouch, and apply fresh plates of armour.

Using a mouse with their right arm, the streamer stands on the arrows of the mat to deal with any opposition.

To the surprise of everyone, the streamer manages to navigate their way into the final circle. Following some well-timed sprints to safety, they wait for the circle to close before landing the game-winning shots.

As it's likely that the player is the only one in the world to win a Warzone match using a dance mat, the Call of Duty account provided its seal of approval underneath the post.

With more players finding more unorthodox ways to achieve victory, it's only a matter of time before someone finds another unusual object to dominate on Caldera.

To use the same loadout as NianfoFR, check out our loadout guides for the NZ-41 assault rifle and the MP40 SMG.

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