Warzone Streamer Wins With Guitar Hero Controller

Image of person holding Guitar Hero controller
Credit: IGN

Image of person holding Guitar Hero controller
Credit: IGN

While many players prefer to play Warzone using the best controller or the best mouse and keyboard, some like to take things one step further in a bid to showcase their skills.

As attention turns to the launch of Season 4 and the arrival of the Fortune's Keep map, players are beginning to wonder what the upcoming season of post-launch content will include.

As the community waits, one Warzone streamer is raising the stakes. Rather than using a controller or mouse and keyboard combination, they opt for a Guitar Hero controller and manage to score a win.

Warzone Streamer Uses Guitar Hero Controller To Win

Content creator DeanoBeano is no stranger to using unorthodox methods to score a win on Caldera and Rebirth island. In 2021, they managed to use an electric drum kit to take a trip to the winner's circle.

This time around, the streamer is using a Guitar Hero controller in order to achieve a win on Rebirth Island. During their June 12 upload, the streamer explains how they've adapted the controller for Warzone before showcasing their surprisingly accurate skills.

Despite encountering a pesky Riot Shield user halfway through the match, Deano continues to land shots with pinpoint precision before entering the final circle.

Thanks to some well-timed rotation, they manage to defeat the last opponent much to their delight.

The comments are full of fans and players offering their congratulations. Many want the streamer to use more unusual controllers and see if they can score more wins.

Deano isn't the only one using strange controller methods. Another content creator managed to use a baguette as a controller but was unable to secure the win.

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