Warzone Cheat Provider Ceases Sale of Hacks Amid Activision Legal Action

Since the launch of Warzone Pacific, Call of Duty publisher Activision has increased its efforts in the ongoing fight against cheaters gaining an unfair advantage by using a range of third-party software when dropping into Caldera. With Season 1 Reloaded right around the corner, the publisher has already issued legal action against notable cheat provider EngineOwning and it appears that this latest intervention has had a more significant impact.

Amid fear of legal action, Warzone cheat provider Cynical Software has announced it has stopped the sale of all Call of Duty cheats, much to the delight of the community that has grown tired of hackers ruining the fun.

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Cynical Software Stops Sale of Warzone Cheats

Cynical Software Stops Warzone Cheat Sales
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Another Warzone cheat provider has gone!

Considering Activision is a multi-billion dollar company armed with numerous lawyers, it's no surprise to see cheat providers taking action in order to avoid the same fate as EngineOwning which is being sued in the state of California. Just 24 hours after the publisher filed its lawsuit against the cheat provider, Cynical Software announced that it would stop the sale of all Call of Duty hacks.

With RICOCHET anti-cheat handling any forms of in-game cheating, the second line of attack is Activision's legal team, and judging by this response, it looks like the actions of the publisher are having the desired effect against cheaters in Warzone.

Will More Warzone Cheat Providers Close Down?

With legal action being filed by Activision, the likelihood of other cheat providers shutting up shop is highly likely, especially when there's a chance of having to pay millions in damages. Let's hope that Activision's actions is the latest step in making Warzone a cheat-free game for everyone to enjoy.

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