Raven Software Removes Warzone Combat Bow Killstreak

While the Combat Bow Killstreak isn't the strongest in Warzone, it provides players with the potential to land some highlight-worthy clips if they're accurate.

Armed with a burning arrow, the Combat Bow is capable of wiping out squads with ease in addition to destroying any oncoming vehicles with ease.

As attention turns towards the launch of the Season 3 Reloaded update and the arrival of the H4 Blixen submachine gun, Warzone developer Raven Software says it has removed the Combat Bow from all Battle Royale modes much to the curiosity of players.

Raven Software Removes Combat Bow

On May 23, the developer confirms the news in a Tweet explaining an "ongoing issue" is causing problems with the Killstreak. However, the exact details of the issue weren't revealed.

As players continue to speculate why the Combat Bow has disappeared from the battle royale, many are delighted with the news. OpTic Gaming member and Warzone streamer BobbyPoff calls the removal a "massive W" and teases Raven Software not to put the Combat Bow back into the game.

While some players don't want the Combat Bow to return in any capacity, others think it has its place in Warzone and should reappear once Raven Software has managed to address the issue.

Warzone Combat Bow Return Date

As players look for an alternative to the Combat Bow, questions surrounding its return are already circulating. At the time of writing (May 24, 2022), Raven Software hasn't confirmed when the Killstreak will return to Caldera and Rebirth Island.

While the Killstreak is out of action, it's worth looking at an explosive alternative in order to deal a similar amount of damage as the Combat Bow. We recommend checking out our Launcher tier list for the best replacement for the Combat Bow.

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