Call of Duty Warzone Launcher Tier List, Ranked From Best To Worst

rightVehicles in Warzone can take some time to destroy, which is where the huge range of launchers come into their own. Alongside assault rifles and SMGs, they're a staple of the arsenal despite lacking in popularity Providing players with a huge dose of damage, these rocket-propelled menaces come with different features such as the ability to lock onto a target.

With Season 6 coming to a close and Season 1 of Warzone Pacific right around the corner, there's every chance that changes to the meta encourage some launchers back into the loadouts of players as they drop into Caldera. With that said, find the best and worst launchers in our ultimate Warzone launcher tier list!

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Warzone Launcher Tier List

With very little to separate the launchers available in the arsenal, it is tricky to determine the very best ones to use but after some extensive testing, we've discovered one that you should include in your loadout along with several others that are worth avoiding.


  • RPG-7 (Black Ops Cold War)
  • RPG-7 (Modern Warfare)
  • Strela-P

At the very top of our list is this trio of launchers that can destroy any vehicle in the blink of an eye thanks to their huge damage outputs. As expected, there's nothing to split the two RPGs while the Strela-P provides a viable alternative.

Strela P Warzone Launcher Tier List
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  • PILA
  • Cigma 2

While the PILA and Cigma 2 possess plenty of damage, the lack of fire rate and mobility let them down in situations where switching weapon and firing the rocket quickly make the difference between scoring a kill or taking a trip to the Gulag.


  • M79
  • JOKR

Avoid using these launchers at all costs. Despite the M79 and JOKR being some of the more unique offerings in the category, they cannot contend with the launchers in S and A tiers. If you want a challenge, add them to a loadout by all means but don't say we didn't warn you!

There you have it, that's our complete launcher tier list for Warzone. Once Vanguard's integration has taken place, we will update the list to see how the new additions compare. For more Warzone guides, check out the ultimate assault rifle tier list along with everything we know about Season 1 of Warzone Pacific.