Everything You Need To Know About The M.O.A.B Cosmetic Bundle

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As Warzone reaches the halfway point of Season 3, eagle-eyed players have discovered a brand-new cosmetics bundle within the Call of Duty app. Known as the "M.O.A.B Battle Pass Bundle," details on what is included are currently unclear as there were no preview options to see some of the content available in the bundle.

The bundle is currently listed as "coming soon," implying that it will be arriving to in-game stores in the not too distant future. With the start of Season 3 Reloaded on the horizon, there's every chance that the bundle will be released then.

With no clues as to what's included in the bundle, players have been speculating as to what could be included.


Here's everything you need to know about the M.O.A.B Battle Pass Bundle!

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Warzone M.O.A.B Battle Pass Bundle Release Date

An exact release date has yet to be revealed but it could be as soon as the start of Season 3 Reloaded, or it could arrive at a later date.

Perhaps it will make an appearance during Season 4? We will have to wait and see.

M.O.A.B Battle Pass Bundle Cost

One thing that was uncovered surrounding this particular bundle was its cost.


According to the Call of Duty App, the bundle will cost a total of 10,000 COD Points totalling at around £85/$100.

The M.O.A.B Bundle will be one of the most expensive to ever release, suggesting that there is a huge amount of content included.

M.O.A.B Battle Pass Bundle Contents

Warzone MOAB Battle Pass Bundle Roze Skin

There have been no official indications as to what is included in this pricey bundle but some players are thinking that it could contain every single piece of content from Modern Warfare's six seasons of post-launch content.

According to @CODTracker, the bundle will contain all content from Modern Warfare's Season 1 Battle Pass along with 100 Tier Skips rather than all content from the six seasons of Modern Warfare.