COD 2021 Reveal To Take Place In Warzone Season 4 According To Leaks

As Season 3 of Warzone reaches its mid-season update, the rumour mill surrounding the release of COD 2021 appears to have slowed down for the time being. While Sledgehammer Games was officially confirmed as the developer for the upcoming release, intel on what the new game could feature has been few and far between.

Just as it looked like the rumour mill had completely dried up, a new leak has pointed towards the game being revealed within the battle royale.

This wouldn't be the first time an annual Call of Duty title has been revealed in Warzone. For Black Ops Cold War, players had to track down Frank Woods in an in-game event that eventually revealed one of the first official trailers for the game.

Here's everything we know about another event that could be taking place in the not too distant future!

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COD 2021 Reveal Event In Warzone

COD 2021 Warzone Event Season 4
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According to notable Call of Duty leaker @ZestyCODLeaks, a "major event" is coming to Warzone in the not too distant future.

The post reveals files within Warzone that could have something to do with the reveal of COD 2021, which is heavily rumoured to be set in World War 2.

The files for the event come with an "x2" tag, implying that these are to do with the reveal of the new game.

The files for Black Ops Cold War's in-game reveal features an "x1" tag. Is there a chance that the reveal could be taking place in the near future?

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COD 2021 Warzone Reveal Date

Although there has been no official confirmation surrounding a potential reveal for COD 2021, this recent discovery implies that it could well happen as soon as Season 4.

As Season 3 Reloaded gets underway, players may find some subtle clues that could begin to tease details on COD 2021 in a similar way to how players discovered parts of an RC-XD in various locations across Verdansk.

In its recent quarterly conference call, Activision mentioned that more information on the new game was going to be revealed "soon." Could it be as soon as Season 4?! We will have to find out...

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