Warzone Cheater Gets Killed By Another Hacker While Streaming

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Season 5 Reloaded of Warzone is in full swing and as players begin to explore the new changes and features, some are already beginning to turn their attention to the release of Season 6, the final season of the Black Ops Cold War era.

Call of Duty: Warzone has always been known for hackers ruining the overall experience of the other players in general. Many players have also left the multiplayer and switched to other games due to these cheaters. The most recent ban wave saw Raven Software banning an astonishing 60,000 accounts from Warzone. One hacker that was audacious enough to showcase his skills on a stream got a taste of their own medicine after another Warzone cheater managed to eliminate them, much to their annoyance.


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Warzone Cheater Faces Another Hacker

The streamer who was supposedly cheating in a bid to showcase some high quality for the viewers was surprised instantly when he was eliminated by an opponent. “Oh, he’s cheating bro!” the streamer called out. “Come on, you saw the walls there. Everybody is cheating in this game, holy s**t," the streamer exclaimed. Since the post gained traction on Reddit, it has since been removed but plenty of players managed to see the cheater receive a dose of karma.


Many of the players of the community found this incident quite hilarious as the hacker was actually given a taste of his own medicine. Few of them were also surprised by the streamer's reaction saying, “Lmao imagine a game where even the f**king cheaters complain about cheating.”

Hopefully, the number of cheaters will be decreasing to a minimum when Call of Duty: Vanguard is integrated into the battle royale and dedicated anti-cheat makes its arrival into the game. Players won't have to wait long for anti-cheat to arrive, as rumours are pointing towards it launching on November 23rd.