Call of Duty Bans Over 100,000 Accounts In August 25th Ban Wave

Call of Duty has been rolling out new patches and updates regularly in Season 5. Although, players of the popular battle royale are still seen hacking and using cheats to gain an unfair advantage in the game. Recently, a number of bugs and exploits were found by the players of the game but the developers were quick enough to fix those and roll out new patches.

One of the major updates saw Raven Software banning an astonishing 60,000 accounts from the game. This came out a few months back and since then they have been constantly penalizing every hacker to ever play the game.

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Warzone Augst 25th Ban Wave

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Raven Software revealed in a tweet on August 26th, that they had banned over 100,000 Call of Duty accounts worldwide. This was done to punish all the hackers who had been spoiling the game for others.

This ban wave might bring some major changes in the game by banning accounts every hour. The fans of the game are surely happy to see these kinds of changes being made as this will enable a clean game environment.

More Ban Waves To Come?

While the community patiently waits for a dedicated anti-cheat to arrive alongside the release of Vanguard, these ban waves are certainly making an impact in the ongoing fight against cheaters. With a few months until the new title releases, it's likely Raven Software and Activision will swing the ban hammer once again in order to reduce the number of cheaters dropping into Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

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