Call of Duty: Warzone: Gorengard Lumber Yard Location Guide – Best Loot Spots, Tips, Tricks and Strategy for The Modern Warfare Battle Royale

Call of Duty: Warzone is available across all platforms and players are dropping straight into the 150-player battle royale.

Located at the far eastern side of the map, the Lumber Yard may not be the biggest location on the map, but it is often an area that is filled with players looking to begin the game on the front foot.

If you’re struggling to make the most of this extremely underrated location, here are some handy tips and tricks to help you and your team achieve success.

Lumber Yard Map

Places of Interest

  • 16 - Rock Promontory
  • 17 - Iron Bridge
  • 18 - Upper Trails and Maintenance Hut
  • 19 - Fishing Hut (Karst River)
  • 20 - Hut and Water Tower
  • 21 - Train Station
  • 22 - Gorengard Lumber Yard
  • 23 - Gorengard Lumber Warehouses
  • 24 - Gorengard Lumber Factory
  • 25 - Gorengard Rail Bridge and Dam
  • 26 - Gorengard Terminus Building
  • 27 - Four Cottages
  • 28 - Shack and Old Water Tank


Vehicle and Buy Locations

Best Landing Spots & Loot Locations

Lumber Warehouses (23)

As one of the largest and most accessible landmarks in this area, the lumber warehouses are often the place to go if you are looking to go headfirst into the action.


With so many entrances, it's easy to get into the building, grab some loot and get out before anyone else realises you and your team are there.

As always, look out for loot crates to get some additional cash, armour plates and a rare weapon.

Gorengard Terminus Building (26)

Found slightly out the way of the clustered middle area, the terminus building is a perfect place to wait out the early-game if you didn't get hands-on a strong starting loadout.


The roof provides a great view of the rest of the lumber yard, the ideal place to post up with either a Marksman or Sniper rifle and pick off enemies unaware of your position.

Four Cottages (27)

Despite being smaller and perhaps a less attractive landing position than others, the four cottages in the lumber yard are positioned out the way of the main action and contain enough loot to supply an army.

With so much loot to be found in each of the cottages, this is one of the best places to build a loadout before considering pushing teams who have opted to land towards the centre of the lumber yard.

Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Plan Your Getaway

There are a total of three vehicles located throughout the entire area so if you are planning a quick escape of the lumber yard, then the best thing to do would be to drop near a vehicle.

Only one truck is available, making it the only vehicle in the yard to carry an entire team so be prepared for a fight if you want to be in the front seat.

All Weapons Are Viable

The lumber yard lends itself to nearly every possible situation taking place between you and another team. 

Thanks to the sheer variety of buildings, lines of sight and open spaces, the entire Warzone weapon arsenal can be used to deal damage effectively so it is important not to priorities a particular weapon when landing, grab anything you can and get straight into the action!

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