Warzone Fan Theory Claims Caldera Volcano May Erupt

The Pacific island of Caldera has undergone minimal changes since it arrived in Warzone in December 2021, much to the annoyance of players that have suggested ways to improve the current layout of the map.

The community quickly embraced the successor to Verdansk before some started to grow tired of the map due to the unbalanced distribution of Caldera's points of interest.

To ease the demand for change, Raven Software has already teased changes to the map are arriving in Season 2 but some players think that a more significant adjustment is on the way.

Warzone Caldera Volcano Eruption
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Warzone Caldera Volcano Eruption

The theory posted by Reddit user 'Kaaaaos' reveals that the Caldera map has a secondary meaning. A caldera is an area of land that's left behind after a volcanic eruption, leading the user to suggest that Peak could erupt in the not-too-distant future.

The theory itself sounds far too obvious and several players agreed with some pointing out the top of Peak already resembles a bowl, suggesting the eruption has taken place. A volcanic eruption would act as a great method for Raven Software to drastically alter Caldera's layout amid criticism from players.

Will The Caldera Volcano Erupt?

The theory of a volcanic eruption paving the way for a brand-new layout is an interesting one but if the bowl-like compression is already visible, it's likely that the eruption has already happened. Of course, there's a chance the volcano could erupt again but it's unlikely to happen this early in the current game cycle.

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