Players Request Two Warzone Caldera POIs To Be Swapped

Since its arrival into Warzone, the Pacific island of Caldera has received a mixed reception from the community with many calling for the return of Verdansk.

As the start of Season 2 nears, Raven Software has teased minor changes to Caldera but some are wanting the developer to make one drastic change that could significantly improve the map.

The change involves switching two points of interest (POI) around to improve the overall flow of the map which often sees players choosing to land in one specific area to gain plenty of advantages in the latter stages of a match.

Warzone Caldera POI Swap
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Warzone Caldera POI Swap

Peak is arguably the most popular landing spot if you want to score some early kills alongside gaining the height advantage. Located in the middle of Caldera, players either have to push through it or around it as the circles begin to collapse, making it very easy for those already holding the high ground to pick off opponents with ease.

To address the problem, Reddit user 'ARES_GOD' edited an overview of Caldera, showcasing how the map would look if Peak was swapped with Capital.

The change was met with plenty of positive comments from casual and professional players. Warzone pro Hector 'Repullze' Torres tweeted Raven Software "how much" it would take to make the swap a reality.

Will Peak and Capital Get Swapped?

On paper, changing Peak and Capital around makes a lot of sense in order to improve the flow of Caldera but Raven Software is yet to comment on such changes. It will be interesting to see how Caldera evolves to satisfy player criticism and switching two popular POIs would be a solid place to start.

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