Warzone Players Uncover Fake Rocks on Caldera

The long list of bugs and glitches impacting Warzone is continuing to grow despite Raven Software receiving additional time to address issues ahead of Season 2.

The switch from Verdansk to Caldera has received a mixed reception but the addition of palm trees and a fresh colour palette is a welcome change from all the grey and tall buildings.

While the new setting has been positive for some, players have uncovered yet another major flaw with the game. This time around, enemies are able to shoot through rocks, rendering them useless pieces of cover.

Warzone Pacific Fake Rocks
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Warzone Caldera Fake Rocks

In a bid to evade incoming gunfire, Reddit user 'dknisle1' decided to take cover behind a nearby rock but as they waited for their health to regenerate, the opponent shot through the rock, and downed the player much to their annoyance.

According to other players, the problem isn't an isolated incident. One commenter revealed they've faced a similar issue where they've been "shot through rocks, concrete walls, rock walls, etc..." Another theory suggests the opponent had FMJ rounds equipped, allowing them to shoot through thin pieces of cover.

Should Warzone FMJ Rounds Get Nerfed?

FMJ Rounds aren't as popular as other ammunition types but players wouldn't class them as overpowered. While the ability to shoot through solid objects such as a rock is a problem, environmental fixes would benefit Warzone more than nerfing an attachment that rarely features in the loadouts of players.

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