Warzone Fan Creates TimTheTatman Operator Bundle

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Despite the seemingly endless list of bugs and glitches affecting Warzone, millions of players continue to drop into Caldera as Season 2 for the battle royale nears.

While Dr Disrespect has seemingly had enough of the game, YouTube streamer TimTheTatman regularly jumps into the action with varying degrees of success.

Tim's perseverance with Warzone sees his streams filled with thousands of fans, with one particular supporter creating an Operator bundle complete with an in-game lookalike and a range of themed cosmetic items.

TimTheTatman Warzone Operator
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TimTheTatman Warzone Operator

The innovative creation caught the attention of Tim during a February 1 stream where he watched the short video showcasing his bald head and questionable dance moves. Alongside the Operator, the fan created a shotgun blueprint covered in yellow and the streamer's branding.

After watching the video, Tim quickly gave the idea his seal of approval. "If we want to have a conversation about creator skins or weapon concepts, I mean, I'd buy this!" exclaimed the streamer. "I'd buy this right here. It's fire. And, to be honest, I think that's clean."

Warzone wouldn't be the first battle royale to introduce in-game skins for its most popular content creators. Epic Games has released a range of skins celebrating a range of Fortnite creators including Ninja.

Will Creator Skins Come to Warzone?

Considering the number of content creators that play Warzone, it's surprising that Activision hasn't thought about releasing a range of creator skins for players to support their favourites. The idea could generate plenty of money for the publisher and the creators which sounds like a win-win situation across the board.

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