Warzone Players Frustrated With Removal of Caldera Clash

Since arriving in Warzone as a limited-time playlist, Caldera Clash has proven to be a hit amongst players looking for an alternative to the usual doses of battle royale action.

Rather than battling to become the last player standing, Caldera Clash takes elements from Call of Duty multiplayer, creating a mode heavily resembling Team Deathmatch with the addition of game-changing power-ups.

Despite Raven Software providing clarity on its decision to change Warzone's playlists, fans of the mode are far from happy after discovering its disappearance from the game.

Warzone Caldera Clash Mode Removed
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Warzone Caldera Clash Removed

The removal of Caldera Clash has come as a surprise considering its immense popularity. Reddit user 'rowdygringo' uploaded a short video highlighting the chaotic nature of the mode.

The vast majority of comments shared the sentiment with some users claiming the mode has helped them improve their gameplay allowing them to perform in standard battle royale matches. Another described Caldera Clash as "a perfect solo experience."

When Will Caldera Clash Return?

Typically, the Raven Software Trello board provides insight regarding returning game modes. Currently, the board details new playlists arriving until March 17 where there's no mention of Caldera Clash making its way back into the battle royale.

Many are hoping its absence won't be for too long as there are few modes that provide the fast-paced action that's proven a hit amongst those looking for the ultimate hybrid between battle royale and Call of Duty multiplayer.

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