Warzone November 15th Update Fixes Missing Buy Station Icons

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onsEven though Season 6 of Warzone is coming to an end, millions of players are still dropping into Verdansk for one final time ahead of Caldera's launch and the start of Season 1. With a few weeks until the battle royale heads to the Pacific, Raven Software is continuing to address various issues with the game, including one particular problem involving Buy Station icons on the map.

On November 3rd, an update went live, and much to everyone's surprise, the icons for most Buy Stations had completely disappeared from the map. Thankfully, the Warzone developer has addressed the issue, allowing players to spot a Buy Station with ease.

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Warzone November 15th Update Fixes Buy Station Icons

Warzone Buy Station Icon Bug Fix
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The news was broken by Raven Software in a Tweet posted on November 15th, stating that the bug that was impacting Buy Station icons on the map had been addressed alongside other issues involving loot and Contracts.

As the Tweet above mentions, the latest update addresses the following issues:

  • Buy Station Icons not appearing on Tac Map
  • Overabundance of Contract spawns
  • Loot inconsistency in Verdansk

These changes won't impact the core mechanics of Warzone but many players will be extremely happy to see these fixed added into the battle royale. With the ability to spot the Buy Stations on the minimap, it's much easier to decide on where you want to land as well as to plan your route through a match.

When Is The Next Warzone Update?


Details on the next Warzone update have yet to be revealed but we can see what Raven Software is working on thanks to its dedicated Trello board which covers a range of issues that are being looked into. You can take a look at the board by clicking the above link.

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