Strange Warzone Bug Allows Players to Counter Riot Shields

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With Season 6 of Warzone in full swing, players continue to drop into Verdansk and have yet again encountered another bug, much to their annoyance. This particular exploit somehow assists players when encountering a player using a Riot Shield.

The small yet mighty shield helps players protect themselves from getting shot in the battle royale, much to the annoyance of other players. They are impenetrable in Warzone, making them almost impossible to counter. Reddit user 'guberNailer' posted a video showing how this Warzone bug lets players snipe through Riot Shield.


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Warzone Riot Shield Bug

M82 Call of Duty Warzone

The clip begins with the player looking for an alternative after trying to gun through the Riot Shield before getting their hands on an M82 sniper rifle. Rather than the Riot Shield blocking the incoming shot, the bullet goes straight through the shield, eliminating the player.


This incident quickly caught the attention of the Warzone community, with players surprised to see this clip. Players are still unsure about this and how it happened but the clip seems to be oddly satisfying.

Reddit user, 'thiccjonsnow' also pitched in: "Honestly if they made the Barrett and ax 50 and hdr the only ones capable of doing that then I'd be cool with it. Considering they are meant for armored vehicles," they suggested

Some Warzone fans believe it would be reasonable for those heavy-duty snipers to break through the Riot Shields. While they rarely feature in the metagame, there's a chance that adding this particular benefit could see an increase in popularity.


It'll be quite interesting to see if Raven Software acknowledges this idea and rolls out an update in the future. Until then, check out everything you need to know about The Haunting in our dedicated hub!