Raven Software Teases Nerf to Bren LMG

Following Raven Software admitting that it accidentally buffed Vanguard's PPSH in Warzone, the developer has teased another popular weapon could receive changes.

Since the battle royale arrived on the Pacific island of Caldera, the Bren light machine gun (LMG) has dominated the metagame despite the Season 2 update implementing a wealth of buffs and nerfs across the board.

With the halfway point of Season 2 nearing, the Warzone developer is teasing changes to the Bren in a bid to create a meta where numerous weapons are viable options during matches.

Warzone Bren Nerf
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Warzone Bren Nerf

The developer hasn't confirmed the nerf but there are mentions of the Bren's overpowered nature on its Trello board. The developer claims the LMG has a "higher-than-normal damage profile." The high damage profile is responsible for the Bren's dominance within Warzone, with the vast majority of players using it to their advantage.

The overpowered Bren isn't the first weapon to take over the Warzone meta. During the Verdansk era, the DMR 14 tactical rifle from Black Ops Cold War excelled before receiving nerfs resulting in the AUG from the same game taking its place in the loadouts of players.

When Will The Bren Get Nerfed?

It's not clear as to when the Bren nerf will take place but it's good to see Raven Software is aware of the issue. The nerf will spark a huge change in the current meta but there are several guns capable of filling the void.

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