JGOD Claims Call of Duty 2023 Delay Could Harm Warzone

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Following the disappointing release of Vanguard, reports have emerged claiming 2023's Call of Duty title will release in 2024 thanks to a delay.

In addition to sparking a change to the franchise's annual release cycle, Activision has revealed a second Warzone title is in development, much to the excitement of the community.

While many are looking forward to another new era for the battle royale, Warzone content creator JGOD claims the delay could lead to a huge impact on the current version of the game.

COD 2023 Delay Affecting Warzone
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How Will The COD 2023 Delay Affect Warzone?

In a video published on February 24, the content creator shared his thoughts on the recent rumours. He suggested the delay would enable Warzone 2 additional development time but expressed concern surrounding the state of the current game deteriorating due to a lack of updates.

"Once MW2 drops, there will be probably almost no new content in Warzone until Warzone 2 launches," claims JGOD. "I don't think [Modern Warfare 2] will be integrated into Warzone at all."

With all of Modern Warfare 2's content likely to integrate into Warzone 2, Warzone is likely to receive a significant reduction of content as attention switches to a new iteration of the game.

When Will Warzone 2 Launch?

With no annual release expected in 2023, many are expecting Warzone 2 to launch in its place but nothing official has been confirmed. Alongside a new Warzone game, leaks claim another free-to-play mode known as DMZ could launch. The mode reportedly resembles Escape from Tarkov.

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