Players Claim Warzone Bots Are Appearing in Matches

Despite Activision reporting a significant decline in Call of Duty's player numbers, millions continue to drop into Warzone. As players look towards the start of Operation Monarch and the arrival of Godzilla, Season 3 of the Pacific era is off to a promising start.

While players are enjoying the changes to Caldera, the frustration of some is building due to the "broken" Owen Gun SMG.

As players look to get their fix of battle royale action elsewhere, some Warzone fans claim lobbies are filling with bots controlled by artificial intelligence.

Does Warzone Have Bots?

To demonstrate the possibility of Warzone matches featuring bots, Reddit user 'theGivvyOfficial' shares a clip of a game where they eliminate a "player" with a pistol. "Are AI bots being introduced to Warzone...?" asks Givvy.

Judging by the clip, it's not surprising to think why the user raises the question of AI bots appearing in matches. Despite hitting a target parachuting in, they do nothing to avoid taking damage before hitting the ground and rushing to a nearby Loadout Drop.

The behaviour is similar to how bots in Fortnite operate. The AI moves towards the next circle and there's a chance developers program Warzone bots to grab any nearby loot, completely ignoring nearby players.

Although plenty of commenters agree with Givvy, the chances of Raven Software filling Warzone matches with bots is rather slim especially when plenty of players still drop into the action despite issues with the game.

Some users believe that lots of players unfamiliar with the game move in a similar way, debunking any theories of bots appearing on Caldera and Rebirth Island. For the foreseeable future, it appears bots are staying clear of Warzone.

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