Warzone Players Request Nerf to "Broken" Owen Gun

The recent wave of buffs and nerfs in Warzone see players switching between a range of weaponry as the Season 3 meta continues to evolve. One submachine gun (SMG) that's risen in popularity is the Owen Gun.

So far, the SMG is dominating close-quarters combat despite receiving a nerf to a number of barrel and magazine attachments at the start of the season.

Although the nerf attempts to provide some form of balance within the weapon arsenal, players are still using it to their advantage on Caldera and Rebirth Island. With its popularity remaining high, some members of the community are calling on Raven Software to nerf the SMG again.

Warzone Players Call For Another Owen Gun Nerf

To demonstrate the overpowered nature of the Owen Gun, Reddit user 'ctkiz_wavy' shares a short montage of the SMG in action. Various highlights include a number of easy squad wipes without reloading.

Despite a nerf to the SMGs 72-round magazine, the montage shows the attachment is still causing problems on Caldera and Rebirth Island. "You can't have one of the most powerful SMGs, that also has good manoeuvrability, have an LMG-sized magazine," comments one disgruntled player.

In addition to the minimal amounts of recoil, the large magazine makes it incredibly easy for players to make an impact even if the odds are against them.

Despite calls from some players to remove the massive magazine altogether, the chance of Raven Software applying another nerf to the SMG is more likely. With Season 3 Reloaded not far away, the likelihood of the Owen Gun undergoing another nerf is high. Hopefully, a second adjustment is enough to restore some kind of balance within the SMG meta.

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