The Best Groza Warzone Blueprints

The Groza assault rifle made its Warzone debut when Black Ops Cold War was integrated into the battle royale at the beginning of Season 1.

With Season 2 underway, the rifle has yet to have a significant impact on the metagame but is still a solid weapon to be using in the early stages of a match.

Now a mainstay of the Warzone arsenal, the Groza has a few blueprints that give it a fresh look alongside some lethal attachment combinations.

Find the best Groza blueprints in Warzone below!

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Best Groza Warzone Blueprints

Natural Order

Warzone Groza Blueprints
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Armed with a unique colour combination of brown and light blue, this blueprint looks very different from the other Groza blueprints on offer.

Despite the strange colours, it comes equipped with five attachments that enable the rifle to excel in any mid-range duels.

The Natural Order blueprint could be earned by reaching Tier 100 of the Season 1 Battle Pass but with Season 2 underway, it’s unclear how to obtain this particular blueprint.

Royal Decree

Warzone Best Groza Blueprint
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Arguably the best-looking Groza blueprint, the Royal Decree comes with an eye-catching combination of white, black, gold, and a hint of red on the handle of the foregrip.

Fitted with a long-distance optic to spot any potential targets from afar along with a huge magazine to minimise the need for reloading, this Groza blueprint is a solid choice for those that love to get in amongst the action.

To get your hands on the blueprint, purchase the King’s Court II bundle from the store.

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Warning Sign

Warzone Groza Best Blueprints
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The third and final blueprint available for the Groza is Warning Sign.

This Legendary blueprint comes equipped with a large magazine and a reflex sight which is ideal for maintaining focus on targets in close proximity.

The blueprint can be obtained by purchasing the Toxic Touch bundle from the store.

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