The Best Grau 5.56 Warzone Blueprints

Despite being on the receiving end of nerfs in previous weapon updates, the GRAU 5.56 assault rifle has slowly climbed back into favour with several players during Season 2 of Warzone.

Armed with strong damage output, high versatility, and impressive consistency, the rifle is deadly in mid-range and long-distance duels.

Like every weapon in the Warzone arsenal, the GRAU has a wide variety of blueprints that can be earned by completing specific challenges or purchased through the in-game store.

With plenty on offer, which GRAU blueprints are the best?

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Best GRAU 5.56 Warzone Blueprints


Warzone Grau blueprint
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This Legendary blueprint provides a complete set of attachments alongside a dark green finish that reflects some of the darker areas that can be found within the confines of Verdansk.

The combination of attachments includes increases in accuracy, range, and control, enabling the GRAU to excel at longer ranges.

This blueprint is available by purchasing the Alex: Death Stalker bundle from the store.


Warzone Best GRAU blueprints
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The Contraband blueprint differs greatly from the other blueprints available for the GRAU.

Equipped with a range of attachments focused on improving overall mobility, this compact iteration of the rifle looks more like a quick-firing SMG as opposed to an assault rifle that can deal huge damage in mid-range engagements.

Complete with a sleek black and gold finish, it’s certainly one of the better-looking GRAU blueprints.

To get your hands on the Contraband blueprint, head to the store and buy the Cartel Casanova bundle.

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Executive Suite

Best GRAU Warzone Blueprints
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Last and by no means least is the Executive Suite blueprint.

There’s no need to change any of the attachments that is already equipped as the combination already selected is deadly for Warzone.

This blueprint is part of the Fool’s Gold III bundle which can be bought from the store.

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