Best Warzone Pacific FOV Settings

Selecting the best Warzone FOV settings is often a hot topic of debate within the community. For PC players, adjusting it to suit your own style of play can offer plenty of advantages when dropping into Caldera thanks to the ability to see more of the surrounding area. As Season 1 progresses, players are always on the lookout for every possible advantage, and optimising the field of view (FOV) is a great way of doing so.

Console players have yet to receive a FOV slider, much to their annoyance but PC players can make the most of this particular feature. With that said, find the best FOV settings for Warzone in this handy guide!

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Best Warzone FOV Settings

Best Warzone FOV Settings
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Having tested out numerous FOV settings, we eventually settled on the perfect view that suits controller players as well as those that use a mouse and keyboard. A FOV anywhere between 95 and 105 is the best to use in Caldera as it enables you to see much more of the surrounding area without distorting any targets that you'll come across during a match.

Warzone Affected FOV

Best Warzone FOV Settings
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Alongside changing the number, players can also change how their FOV changes when aiming down sights (ADS). Independent and Affected FOV have their own sets of advantages and drawbacks so it's important to select the settings that suit your style of play.

Independent FOV will switch it to 80 when zooming in which does make it easier to track and hit your intended target but when aiming, you do lose a lot of the awareness that a high FOV provides. This may seem like a significant disadvantage but having the combination of being able to see most of the area in front of you and the ability to maintain high levels of accuracy when shooting, we recommend using Independent FOV in Warzone.

Affected FOV means the field of view will remain the same when scoping in with a weapon. Players that regularly use a high FOV may prefer this particular setting as the sudden change provided by Independent FOV can be disorientating. If you're using a high-resolution monitor for Warzone, accuracy levels can be maintained alongside a high FOV.

How To Change Warzone FOV

The process of changing your FOV in Warzone is incredibly straightforward but with the menus featuring several settings that can be changed, it can be easy to get lost. Here's a quick step-by-step guide that will have you selecting the best FOV in no time:

  • Load into Warzone
  • Open the Settings
  • Select the 'Settings' tab
  • Highlight the 'Screen' section then click on 'Advanced' to see more options.

Will Consoles Get A Warzone FOV Slider?

A FOV slider has been a heavily-requested feature from console Warzone players and while Raven Software has acknowledged the huge demand for the feature to be added, the developer has yet to reveal any additional information on whether console players will get the ability to change their FOV anytime soon.

It's not ideal, especially when PC players have a huge advantage by being able to see much more of the area, allowing them to spot more targets and have an increased awareness in comparison to console players which have their FOV locked at 80.

There you have it! These are the best FOV settings to use in Warzone. For more handy tips, check out the best controller and audio settings to use before dropping into the best Caldera landing spots.

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