Warzone Players Share Favourite Landing Spots

Selecting the perfect landing spot at the start of a Warzone match can make the difference between an early trip to the Gulag or scoring a couple of kills to earn enough Cash for a coveted Loadout Drop.

With Caldera featuring a wealth of locations to drop, it's tricky to determine the very best landing spot to utilise. For example, Peak is a great place to score early kills with a high risk of early death while Fields offers a quieter area allowing more time to loot.

As Season 4 nears, Warzone players are lending a hand to a returning member of the community by sharing their preferred places to land.

The Best Warzone Caldera Landing Spots

Ahead of their return to Warzone action, Reddit user "PsychologicalPark266" asks the community to advise them on where to land on Caldera. With the player looking for "good drops for fighting," a number of players have decided to share their intel on the Pacific island and what it has to offer.

As expected players quickly suggest Peak as the best place to land if you're looking for a fight. Located in the centre of Caldera, Peak provides plenty of loot along with a high chance of encountering another player. If you can grab a solid starting weapon, there's every chance you walk away with a couple of eliminations to start the game.

Others suggest Airfield as a viable alternative to Peak. Featuring a number of hangars and small buildings to loot, this particular point of interest (POI) is great for finding some strong early-game loot and lots of Cash to spend on an early UAV.

What is The Best Warzone Caldera Landing Spot?

Depending on your style of play, there are areas of Caldera to suit everyone. If you want to score plenty of kills, Peak is the obvious choice but if you want to build a strong arsenal before heading into battle, Village and Lagoon are quieter areas to utilise.

Everyone has their favourite place to land but the vast majority believe Peak is the place to go in Season 3 Reloaded of Warzone.

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