Aydan's Expensive Headset Clears His Hacking Accusations In Warzone

Warzone pros usually try to defend themselves from hacking allegations, but this was one of those times where things looked pretty bad. Aydan 'Aydan' Conrad showed a video where someone claimed that Aydan was wall hacking. The clip seems incriminating, and Aydan even admits he looks like he's cheating.

In fairness, it appears as though he is cheating. Aiden turns to his right and somehow knows where his opponents are (or at least the general area). He hops down and dispatches them. What's his secret? His amazing headset.

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Warzone wall hacks

It was a 2v2 Gunfight between Warzone pros. Aydan appears from nowhere and decimates the remaining enemy. Blazt, himself a former CDL pro, said he was about to expose Aydan's cheating. There's no doubt in my mind that Aydan wasn't cheating, and I'm sure even the former pro knew it too.

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According to the explanation, they had already cleared out one-half of the map and knew that their enemy would be in one place. Aydan followed the sound of his enemy jumping onto the ground when he heard it. Other headsets would have missed it or sent him in the wrong direction.

You pay for high-end equipment because of plays like this.

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