Warzone April Fools 2022 Playlist: All Totally Normal Modes and Rules

April Fools' Day is a day where all kinds of pranks and jokes appear across the gaming landscape. In the case of Warzone, developer Raven Software has taken things a step further, much to the amusement of the community.

With Season 2 Reloaded in full swing, players are continuing to explore the reworked Rebirth Island map as part of the Rebirth Reinforced event. In addition, many are still dropping into Caldera despite calls for a map rotation with Verdansk to appear.

In keeping with April Fool's, Warzone has released two brand-new playlists with some interesting twists that drastically change core gameplay.

Warzone April Fools 2022 Playlist
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Warzone April Fools 2022 Playlists

The playlists known as "Totally Normal BR" are far from what the name suggests. A slight tweak to the rules means players don't take any falling damage and start matches armed with a Specialist Bonus that grants access to every single Perk available in the battle royale. Pro Warzone player 'UnRational' showcased the mode with an incredible clip involving a rocket launcher and sniper.

As expected, the change to fall damage has opened the door for some incredible plays on Caldera. The arrival of April Fool's playlists follows the most recent playlist update that took place on March 31.

Warzone Totally Normal BR Rules

The rules aren't too different from standard Warzone matches. The biggest differences include no fall damage, access to a Specialist Bonus at the start of a match, and the ability to grab your loadout as soon as you drop into the action.

It's more than likely that the playlists will disappear so be sure to get involved before they do!

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