When Does Anti-cheat Arrive In Warzone?

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For over 12 months, cheaters have been running rampant in Warzone, much to the annoyance of the community that's grown tired of players with insane aiming and the ability to withstand any kind of damage during a match in Verdansk and Rebirth Island. With Season 6 in full swing and the release of a brand-new map set in the Pacific around the corner, Activision has revealed details on a brand-new anti-cheat that will be coming to Warzone.

Known as RICOCHET, the system provides several improvements to backend security and analytics monitoring to determine whether someone is hacking as well as a kernel-level driver that prevents certain applications from manipulating the game. But when exactly is RICOCHET releasing?

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Warzone RICOCHET Anti-cheat Release Date

Warzone Anti-cheat Release Date
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According to a blog post published by Activision, the server improvements and security enhancements will launch when Vanguard releases on November 5th and will appear in Warzone when the battle royale releases the Pacific map at a later date. The improvements mentioned aren't the only part of RICOCHET. The new anti-cheat also includes a kernel-level driver, preventing any kind of software to manipulate Warzone when it's running. Here's some information on how it works:

  • The driver only works when Warzone is running.
  • The driver isn't always on.
  • It monitors software and applications that interact with Warzone when the game is running.
  • When Warzone is shut down, the driver also switches off.

As well as preventing hackers from appearing in Warzone, RICOCHET will be required to play Warzone, meaning there are no workarounds for hackers to run software to gain an unfair advantage.

When Does The Kernel Driver Release?

The RICOCHET kernel-level driver will launch alongside the new Pacific map and will be added into Vanguard at a later date. Recent rumours suggest that the new map will be arriving on November 23rd, which coincides with the rumoured start date of Vanguard's first season of post-launch content.

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