All Warzone Rambo Survival Camp Locations

Season 3 Reloaded for Warzone has gone live across all platforms. Coinciding with the theme of 80s action heroes, several points of interest have been added to Verdansk alongside the arrival of John Rambo and John McClane as playable Operators.

One of the several new areas to explore are the Survival Camps inspired by the Rambo movie franchise. There are a total of ten camps dotted all over the map and have replaced the normal campsites that usually reside there.

At each camp, players can get their hands on a Fallen Soldier Tag which are required to complete a challenge that is part of the 80s Action Heroes limited-time event.

But where are the Survival Camps? Find out where all ten camps are located in this guide!

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Warzone Rambo Survival Camp Locations

When dropping into Verdansk at the start of a match, it can be extremely tricky to spot the camps when hurtling to the ground at breakneck speed.

Thankfully, we've managed to find out where all ten camps are on the map.

Warzone Rambo Survival Map Locations
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As mentioned earlier, each camp contains a Tag. To complete the challenge, collect three of them to unlock an exclusive sticker and calling card.

The majority of the camps also contain Supply Boxes which is ideal in the early stages of a match where strong loot can have an instant impact.

Along with the possibility of scoring some high-tier loot, there's a strong chance of acquiring the Combat Bow Killstreak which is also required for another 80s Action Heroes Event challenge.

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The Best Places To Land

Looking at the above map, the four camps that run through the centre of Verdansk are often filled with players, meaning there is a high risk of taking an early trip to the gulag in standard BR matches.

The two camps located in the northwest corner of the map are the best to land at because they are so far away from the popular landing places.

Landing here gives you plenty of time to search for the Tag and the perfect chance to get enough cash to call in a Loadout Drop.

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