How To Open The Vault In Nakatomi Plaza

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Season 3 Reloaded for Warzone is now live across all platforms! The mid-season update has bought in a number of additions and changes to the popular battle royale, including tweaks to the weapon balance, fixes for those pesky bugs, and brand-new points of interest.

Keeping in with the theme of 80s action heroes, Die Hard's Nakatomi Plaza has moved from Los Angeles into Downtown Verdansk and is now the tallest building towering over the area.


On the 31st floor is a locked vault that can be opened containing plenty of high-tier loot, cash, and other items that will assist you on the road to victory.

In this guide, find out how to open the vault and the locked deposit boxes inside of it along with all the rewards that can be acquired.

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How To Open The Nakatomi Plaza Vault In Warzone

Warzone Nakatomi Plaza Vault How To Open Rewards

The process of opening the vault is very straightforward. We recommend attempting to open it in a Plunder match as you will be able to respawn over and over again if you are taken out by another player.

Firstly, look for the "Unfinished Business" contract that will spawn around the bottom of the Plaza. The contract works in the same way as a Scavenger contract, meaning you will need to open three boxes in order to obtain a keycard.


Once all three boxes have been opened, the keycard will appear. With the keycard acquired, head to the 31st floor using either the stairs, zipline, or the elevator where the vault will be located.

Warzone Nakatomi Plaza Vault How To Open
Image courtesy of GeekyPastimes

Use the keycard on the computer terminal outside of the vault and it will open. The main room will contain everything from Advanced UAVs, tens of thousands in cash, and more!

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How To Open The Nakatomi Plaza Vault Deposit Boxes

Alongside the Unfinished Business contract, there are other missions that can be completed in and around Nakatomi Plaza.

One keycard can be acquired by disarming the C4 found on the roof of the building, while another can be obtained by activating the Arms Deal in the car park. Once all of the NPCs are dead, grab the keycard.

Each keycard will open one of three deposit boxes.

  • Deposit box 1 - Specialist Bonus Tokens
  • Deposit box 2 - Advanced UAV Killstreak
  • Deposit box 3 - Contraband contract

With plenty of valuable rewards inside the vault, it's certainly worth checking out.

For a visual guide, Call of Duty Easter Egg legend GeekyPastimes has uploaded a video detailing how to open the vault as fast as possible.