$20K BoomTV Code Red Warzone Tournament: Everything You Need To Know

Competitive Warzone is continuing to thrive as Season 5 of the battle royale begins to wind down and attention begins to turn towards the launch of Season 6. With new weapons and huge changes to Verdansk arriving in the final season of the Black Ops Cold War era, tournament organiser BoomTV is hosting one final tournament before the start of the new season.

Code Red tournaments have proven hugely popular with the community, with many tournaments using custom matches for players to do battle. While the change of format has been welcomed, some are still missing the classic 2v2 Kill Races that used to take place. Here's absolutely everything you need to know about the $20K Code Red tournament!

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$20K Code Red Warzone Tournament Stream

The action will be streamed on the BoomTV Twitch channel acting as a dedicated hub covering all of the action. So you don't miss any gameplay, we've embedded the stream below.

Schedule & Format

The action begins on October 6th at 10AM PT (6PM BST) and is highly likely to last for several hours due to the nature of the format.

This particular tournament won't be played in a custom lobby. 32 duos will drop into a Quads match in Kill Races. The team with the most kills at the end of the match advances to the next round. Here's a full breakdown of the format:

Winner's Bracket

  • Round 1 - Best of one.
  • Round 2 - Best of three.
  • Round 3 - Best of three.
  • Round 4 - Best of three.
  • Winner's Final - Best of three.
  • Grand Final - Best of five with Duo from Winner's starting with a 1-0 lead.

Loser's Bracket

  • Round 1-7 - Best of one.
  • Loser's Final - Best of three.


With tens of thousands of dollars on the line, the best players from Europe and North America are taking part in the event. Find a complete list of participating duos below!

  • TestyFPS & Estanaut
  • SenseiSwishem & QueenShadows
  • Crowder & Priestahh
  • Jukeyz & Fifakill
  • Tommey & Almxnd
  • Swagg & Booya
  • JoeWoe & Stukuwaki
  • Brittney & Skullface49
  • BobbyPoff & BabyDillster
  • Smixie & Xenon
  • JaredFPS & JDeviseFB
  • HusKerrs & Newbz
  • Rated & Aydan
  • SamLovely & AfricanTV
  • FaZe Bloo & Zepti
  • Intechs & zColorss
  • JessieCooks & ForeignJase
  • ZLaner & DrDisrespect
  • IceManIsaac & BBreadman
  • Flxnked & zSmit
  • Warsz & Lenun
  • UnRationaL & ScummN
  • Braalik & Exzachtt
  • ImAngelikaa & Fuzzn
  • KenzRosey & zJelly
  • SuperEvan & DiazBiffle
  • TBD
  • TBD

That's everything you need to know about the $20K Code Red Warzone tournament. Be sure to tune into the action from 6PM on October 6th!

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