What Is The Next Call Of Duty Called?

Although there are several months of the Black Ops Cold War game cycle remaining, attention has quickly turned to what the next instalment of the popular first-person shooter franchise will be called.

Several leaks and rumours have pointed to a number of possibilities regarding the name of COD 2021 but there has been minimal information revealed from publisher Activision and COD 2021 developers Sledgehammer Games.

Although it has been reported that the working title for the game is called “WWII: Vanguard”, it is more than likely that this will change in the months leading up to the release which is expected in Q4 of 2021.

With that said, what exactly is the next Call of Duty title going to be called?

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COD 2021 Title


What Is The Next Call of Duty Called?
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Ever since 2007, there have been numerous titles that have featured the word ‘Warfare’ whether its Modern Warfare, Infinite Warfare or even Advanced Warfare.

Based on that, there is a possibility that a word will proceed Warfare in order to compose the title for the game.

Early rumours suggested that the game would be named ‘Guerrilla Warfare’ but with the working title implying that the game will be a sequel to 2017s World War 2, guerrilla warfare may be off the table.

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WWII: Vanguard

Depending on the reaction of the often-vocal community, there’s every chance that WWII: Vanguard could be the actual name of the title that releases later on in the year.

The name is a welcome change from Black Ops or some kind of Warfare and if it is a sequel to World War 2, vanguard could be a potential clue as to what entails during the storyline.

We won’t find out the official name of COD 2021 until the Summer at the earliest, but there’s no harm in speculating where the franchise could be heading next!

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