Vanguard Pro's "Fake" Cheating Video Almost Ruins $110 K Tournament

Call of Duty is notorious for its cheaters; even pros have cheated in the past. But luckily, this wasn't the case for one streamer.

Efuse hosted a Call of Duty Vanguard competition for Black Friday and one competitor, Flxnked, was on the receiving end of some very heavy cheating accusations. After a gameplay clip of his actions made a wave on social media, the pro leaped through hoops to clear his name.

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Vanguard Pro's "Fake" Cheating Video Almost Ruins $110 K Tournament

Twitter user, Rckzys, managed to grab a snippet of the evidence and Flxnked in action. The video appears to have lines and red boxes surrounding enemies, making it easier to detect them behind walls and from afar.

The video was initially sent to the admin hosting the event. After thorough analysis, Esports athlete, Jake Sucky, confirmed that the video was deemed "photoshopped" and "faked".

Who would do such a thing? Well, Flxnked himself suspects that an individual edited the lines because the pro "unfollowed" them on Twitter. Apparently, this really set them off causing that person to stoop so low and tamper with Flxnked's stream, in an attempt to get him kicked out.

Flxnked didn't go all the way, but he ended up in the top three. But there's no doubt that incident must've had an impact on the rest of his play. As to why people resort to petty things like this, I guess we'll never know.

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