HusKerrs’ Cam Hacked in Warzone $400k Tournament Stream by “Some Little Kid” Who Showed Middle Finger

Call of Duty: Warzone is a haven for hackers, but it seems like players don’t need to be in the game before getting hacked. When his camera screen changed, Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas was in the pre-stream of the newest Warzone tournament hosted by Twitch Rivals and Activision. Fans were able to see that Huskerrs was gone and what appeared to be the hand of a young child was on the screen.

That young child was giving the screen the middle finger. Everyone noticed it immediately, and some of the pros on the board reacted to the change. It was classic, and we have the clips and other reactions down below.

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Warzone Tournament Hacker

Firstly, thank you to my friend Theo Salaun of Dexerto for finding the clip. Here it is:

To hear NRG JoeWoo describe it, some little kid hacked into HusKerrs’ camera. From there, he flipped off the world. I have to admit; this is more fun than it is bad. It didn’t ruin the experience, and I liked the tournament more because of it.

As for HusKerrs, he took the joke very well and isn’t very mad over it. Just another weird occurrence by a hacker during a Warzone event.

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