Vanguard Pro Exposed for Hacking in Tournament And Releases List of Other “Cheaters”

ShivGTK, a Call of Duty Vanguard pro, was exposed for hacking live in a tournament recently. ShivGTK's wins have affected many professionals who have spoken up about how much they have won while hacking. There is so much more to this story than just hacking, as there are hints that Scump expected him to cheat beforehand.

Additionally, he tweeted a list of people he called Vanguard cheaters before going out. Below is the list and clips, but it seems so surreal. Taken together, this scandal is probably the biggest of the year.

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Vanguard streamer cheating

Upon being caught, he published a list of people he said were Vanguard cheaters. Remember that we cannot trust that these are actual cheaters before going any further. He is likely trying to stir up some excitement before he leaves. Jake Lucky of Esports Talk and Esports Closet supplied this Tweet:

My friends at Esports Talk have supplied the footage and other streamers reacting. Keep an eye on ShivGTK's actual screen when you look at the footage, not the one he shows in the game. There will be a name that appears on the screen that proves he is using wallhacks:

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As Scump said, ShivGTK's career is over. He can't change his name to "420.BigPimpin_69" and use all the hacks he wants on Warzone before the supposed "anti-cheat" stops him. It is now guaranteed that he will be on a permanent IP ban list and every other list that keeps him from playing.

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