Best FOV Settings In Call of Duty Vanguard for PC, PlayStation & Xbox

Call of Duty: Vanguard is out right now, much to the excitement of the community that is already getting stuck into what multiplayer has to offer Sledgehammer Games has made several changes to the game since the beta weekends took place, including the addition of Ninja as a Perk.

In order to get the upper hand over the opposition, selecting the best field of view (FOV) settings in Vanguard can often be the difference between spotting an opponent from afar or falling victim to another enemy that you were unable to spot. Just like Black Ops Cold War, Vanguard features a FOV slider on console and PC. Here are the very best FOV settings to use in multiplayer and Zombies.

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Best Call of Duty Vanguard FOV Settings

Vanguard FOV Settings
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After testing multiple fields of view during the beta weekends, we came to the conclusion that any FOV around 100 to 105 was the best setting to use in Vanguard. As always, the field of view comes down to personal preference but tweaking these settings can provide a huge advantage without influencing any other in-game settings to ensure a smooth experience when playing.

A 100 FOV enables you to view much more of your surroundings, including targets that may not have been visible with a lower FOV enabled. Being aware of the surrounding area is hugely important in Vanguard and other FPS titles where awareness is often the key to success.. The slightly stretched perspective will take a few games to get used to but once you're comfortable with it, you will be able to perform better during a match.

How To Change Vanguard FOV Settings

The process of adjusting the field of view is very straightforward. Head into the Settings and select the Graphics tab. From there, head down to the Display category where you'll be able to adjust the FOV bar to your own preference.

Is A FOV Slider Coming To Console?

A FOV slider is available to use in the console versions of Vanguard, allowing players to customise their vision to suit their personal preferences.

There you have it, that's the best Vanguard FOV settings to be using. For more Vanguard intel, check out a full list of multiplayer weapons and a list of camouflages for them!

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