Call of Duty: Vanguard Champion Hill: Tips And Tricks To Dominate The Opposition

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One of the many innovations and new additions included in Call of Duty: Vanguard is Champion Hill, an evolution of the hugely popular Gunfight mode that made its debut in 2019's Modern Warfare. After Sledgehammer Games unveiled a wealth of changes it had made to the mode in time for the beta, players are jumping back into the mode to see what's changed.

After a few games, a lot has changed with Champion Hill, with numerous changes to the spawn logic and visibility levels making it a highly enjoyable experience. Considering the competitive nature of the mode, it can be tricky to score a victory so we've collected a range of tips and tricks that will have you reaching the top of the Hill in no time at all.


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COD Vanguard Champion Hill Tips

COD Vanguard Soldier Taking Cover From Opponent

Coordination Is Key

Like many competitive modes involving teams of two or three, coordinating with your teammate is extremely important, especially when it comes to trading a kill. To ensure that you can immediately respond with an elimination for your team, position yourself in close proximity to your teammates to deplete one of the 12 available lives.


The opening exchanges can often determine the momentum of a match. Either split up to patrol a specific section of the map or lick the stamp and send it down one particular side to execute a rush that will result in at least one kill. If you can coordinate well with your teammates, making it to the latter stages of a Champion Hill match becomes a lot more straightforward.

Spend Money Wisely

Buy Menu From COD Vanguard Champion Hill Mode

Whether it's by scoring kills or collecting it from off the ground, money is an integral part of success in Champion Hill thanks to the variety of items that can be purchased. It's very easy to blow all the cash on a fully upgraded assault rifle but with no Perks or armour, the chances of being eliminated despite having a strong weapon is extremely high.


We recommend compromising with the weapon upgrades, modifying your weapon of choice enough so it can contend in long-distance duels before switching focus onto Perk selection which can improve mobility and increase awareness. Depending on how much you've got left, how about investing in a Killstreak to deal maximum damage and to deplete the life count as fast as possible?

The Extra Life Is Worth The Risk

Each of the four Champion Hill maps features an additional life that can be obtained by any of the two teams doing battle. Grabbing it can often be the difference between an early exit and making it to the next round and despite the huge risk of being killed when attempting to get it, it's worth the risk when running low.

In order to guarantee that extra life, make sure you've got enough firepower and utility to deter the opposition from making a play to steal it from your grasp.


Use Those Corners!

Overview of Vanguard Champion Hill Map

As the life count begins to dwindle in the late stages of a match, rushing head-first into the action may not be the best decision to make. Rather than making an audacious challenge, use the many dimly lit corners to your advantage and wait patiently for the enemy to make their move. On most occasions, players won't expect you to be awaiting their arrival in an obscure corner and it's a sure-fire way to score an elimination that could prove to be the difference between victory and defeat.

There you have it! There are our tips that will have you climbing to the top of Champion Hill in no time at all. For more Vanguard intel, find everything you need to know about the single-player campaign and the changes players want Sledgehammer Games to make to the Goliath Field Upgrade.